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Bath Showroom

Take your shoes off and try out the tubs.

A whirlpool tub can be one of the most rewarding features in your home and it will be the design focus of your bathroom or suite.

At SODECO, we have the selection, the quality, and the know-how that comes from being whirlpool bath specialists for over 30 years.

  • You can see and feel all the tubs. We don't have pretty catalog pictures...We have the real thing to see and touch.
  • We know tubs! We'll give you advice on details that you might not know about so the tub choice and installation will go smoothly.
  • Every Whirlpool is built just for you. We fit all the mechanical systems in our own shop, so you can get custom jet and pump locations at no extra charge.
  • Our reputation is excellent. SODECO is the #1 choice of custom home builders and remodelers in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Our whirlpool baths are in the finest homes in New Mexico. Builders depend on SODECO for quality, value, and trouble free operation.

Come see for yourself. Bring your plans or measurements to SODECO and we'll show you what your options are.


Here are some of the basic issues to consider
when choosing and installing whirlpool bath:

White is still the most popular color, followed by biscuit. Almond or bone, once the main alternatives to white, have been replaced by the lighter, fresher, biscuit. Problems with darker or specialty colors are:

  • More difficult to match with toilet and sink
  • Extra cost
  • Gets out of style and looks dated
  • Shows water spots

Tubs have either an end drain or center drain. For tubs that are on a concrete slab, the drain location is set at rough plumbing and is difficult to relocate later on. Decide what tub you want before rough-in or you'll lose choices. On remodels, a competent plumber can tell you what options you have to move drains.

You need dedicated, 110 Volt, 20 Amp circuits with GFCI protection. If your tub has an in-line heater, you will need a second circuit, same specs as the pump. Always adhere to the codes and use a licensed electrician.

Important issue! If you get a big tub, you will need more than a 50 gallon water heater. Only a small tub will get by with a 40 gallon. 50's are OK for most medium size tubs.

Big Tubs take longer to fill and might not get used as often. The trend is toward medium-sized tubs, especially, if they're deep but not too wide. Nobody wants to waste water, so choose a tub that fits you right rather than oversize.

Oval tubs are beautiful and "drop-in" to a deck. The tub is nested in the surrounding deck. This type of installation takes more space than a rectangular or "self-deck" or a corner tub. Self-deck rectangulars can still have some deck around them for a custom built-in look, but in general they will fit into a tighter spot than an oval.

Corner tubs are a very efficient use of space and give you a full length bathing well because of the geometry of the shape. Also corner tubs have a center drain, which is the 2-person format.

This is a safety issue. Steps, especially tile can be slippery and have sharp edges. Seniors may especially have a problem with steps. Designers frequently add steps to make the tub setting special, but consider the safety issues.

Grab bars can be attractive and very helpful for safety. Advance planning on grab bar location is needed to put solid bracing behind the tile.

There is more to installing a tub than the plumbing hookups. Modern acrylic tubs need to have their full weight supported on the bottom but also be supported all around the top without "hanging". A mortar bed under the tub is needed.

Choose your tub early for reasons described in "Drain Location". Get the correct spec sheet for your tub and make sure the plumber has it before rough-in. In general, do the final install late to avoid damage during construction. If you take the tub early, protect it well after it's installed.

Air switches are simpler than electronic controls. Mood lights, water level sensors, air bubble systems, and moving jets are not recommended. Avoid fancy-looking but low quality faucets. Make sure you have good access to the pump.

Shop where they know about tubs. No home center or appliance dealer will specialize in or have sufficient experience with whirlpool baths.


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